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Considering to make a telephone call to St. John’s or some other town in Antigua and Barbuda?
In order to make phone calls to a city in Antigua and Barbuda, you need to find out the country telephone code for Antigua and Barbuda and the area area code of the city where the person you are trying to phone is in Antigua and Barbuda.
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Country Access Code Number for Antigua and Barbuda

To make a call to Antigua and Barbuda from United Arab Emirates, a person will have to dial the following structure:

1(Country Exit Code for United Arab Emirates) + 1 + Area code + telephone number

  • Exit Calling code – Every nation is actually provided with an exit code that can be used every time you are dialling outside of that particular country
  • Country Calling Code – Every single country is given a country calling access code for inbound phone calls to that particular country
  • Telephone Number – the phone number an individual would want to call in Antigua and Barbuda.

Whenever dialing to Antigua and Barbuda, you are required to drop the 1st digit of the telephone number. This is mainly because, telephone numbering plans in Antigua and Barbuda utilize a so called Telephone Trunk Code (Trung Prefix). This is generally the digit ’0‘ (zero) which is actually placed in front of telephone numbers for telephone calls originating within the country. Nonetheless, this particular digit have to be dropped each time you are dialling an international destination.

Certainly, there are situations when an overseas phone call may not go through. A number of of the factors are detailed listed below:

  • Telephone lines are blocked for international calls
  • Mobile phone numbers do not use area codes
  • Using an Internet VoIP Phone connection?

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What is A Telephone Area Code in Antigua and Barbuda?

Phone area codes in Antigua and Barbuda are generally termed as Numbering Plan Areas (NPAs). It was previously known as STD codes in Antigua and Barbuda.

These kinds of telephone area codes are necessary only when dialling from outside the telephone code area. Yet it’s essential when making a phone calls from the cell phones.

Telephone area codes or city codes in Antigua and Barbuda usually show regional areas within Antigua and Barbuda that happen to be covered by hundreds of phone exchanges.

The telephone area code number in Antigua and Barbuda is by and large preceded in the dial string by the Antigua and Barbuda country code or the international access code for Antigua and Barbuda.

Phone Area codes in Antigua and Barbuda tend to be quoted along with the country access code number for Antigua and Barbuda.

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Ways to Make a Call From Antigua and Barbuda to United Arab Emirates and Other Countries

When making an international call from Antigua and Barbuda, first of all dial the IDD code which is “11″, followed by the country access code.

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